About the comic

Sugar High is a comedic slice-of-life comic by regentzilla. It updates every Wednesday and Saturday.

When Daisuke and his dad move across Canada to Ohinagi, a speck of a town in BC, Daisuke decides to end a life of homeschooling and graduate from the same high school his dad attended. Some things have changed while others have stayed the same, for better or for worse, but with the help and friendship of the least popular kids at school—ex-teacher’s-pet trombonist Buddy, hockey star turned delinquent Cindy, and tenacious aspiring comic artist Sugar—he might just survive.

Sugar High contains frequent colourful language and is intended for a mature audience.

About the artist

regentzilla is a Canadian author and artist. When not breaking his wrists drawing or writing, he can usually be found breaking his thumbs on a rhythm game. He enjoys all kinds of music, alcohol markers, and several other things.

Other works

Dead Guys (2022) – Comic, 18 pages. Two undead criminals-for-hire are used to having their run of the town—until a team of supernatural crimefighters shows up to bungle their latest heist. Written by me, drawn by Jackarais.