Daisuke Yajima

Grew up with his Dad and grandparents in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and was entirely homeschooled there, but moved to Happy Valley with his Dad just in time to finish high school at Ohinagi Secondary. As creative as he is shy. Wants to be a sci-fi novelist someday.


Erika Sugahara

An artist through and through destined to inherit the family orchard. Seldom seen without a sketchbook, though very few have ever seen more than a glimpse of their contents. Loves comics, and has read every single one in the school library. Known for staunchly opposing anyone she even thinks is picking on her friends, fellow students and adults alike, and isn’t afraid of a little fist fighting.


Robert-Guillaume Jeudy

Aspiring pastry chef, jazz trombonist, comic writer, tattoo artist/piercer, fashion stylist… a creative jack-of-all-trades, well on his way to becoming a master of several. A hardworking and straightlaced student who often hears what a bad influence his friends are. Living with his French-speaking aunties and grandmother while his parents travel for work, he’s slowly re-acquiring a touch of an accent.


Cindy Fisker

Once the star center of the Sockeyes, the school’s hockey team, he hasn’t ice skated seriously in several years, taking up inline rollerskating instead. Filled with a seemingly boundless energy that he used to burn off playing hockey, he now channels his enthusiasm into graffiti, class clownery, and a part-time job at Dick’s Diner. Lives in Magic Village, the local trailer park, with his older brother.

Gordon Yajima

né MacLeod. Daisuke’s dad. An eager and somewhat bubbly social butterfly, but very private with his personal life. Graduated from Ohinagi Secondary in 1989. Works as a hairdresser, but wanted to be a singer-songwriter when he was in high school.

Mrs. Wheeler

One of the school’s science and math teachers. Known for her theatrical and thrilling lessons that can leave the classroom a little worse for wear. Not-so-secretly enjoys getting on the other teachers’ nerves.

Mr. Sepp

The school’s band teacher. Passionate and exacting, he has a reputation as a strict teacher whose approach produces world-class musicians. Trained as an opera singer (tenor), and still does the occasional musical with the local volunteer theatrical company.